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Project Design

Project Design

we have been keeping up with speed required by our era as Sky Art. Because we believe that fast and correct answers are the priority of project achievements.

Design and Production

Design and Production

With our projects drawn by our design team, we ensure that our customers see what they dream of and at the same time make the production accurate and fast.

Assembly and Installation

Assembly and Installation

We serve all over the world with our domestic and international assembly teams. We offer error-free installation and installation service by being detailed with our engineer staff.

After-Sales Support

After-Sales Support

Our company is always ready to support you in all kinds of malfunctions, usage problems and errors that may occur.

Product Categories

Pergola Systems

Pergola Systems

Pergola systems used for shading purposes provide protection for sun and rain, and make outdoor areas comfortable with their wind-resistant structure. 
The lateral areas of the system are closed with glass systems, which provides the opportunity to use the living areas for four seasons. 
Pergola systems, which are suitable for every budget, are both an economical and modern product.  
Automatic pergola systems give you an extra space, as well as add comfort to your personal living space.
It can be installed in different structures in any desired area with a concept suitable for each area. Areas of use private residences, restaurants, cafes, pools in short, it is suitable for everyone and everywhere who wants to be protected from rain and sun.

Bioclimatic Systems
Movable Aluminum Roof Systems

Bioclimatic Systems

Adding a new architecture and energy to shading systems, Bioclimatic pergolas are a specially developed system created by architecture and engineering that adds wealth to living spaces.
It makes a difference in application areas with its original form designed in accordance with the demands of today's architecture. It is designed to adapt to all kinds of outdoor spaces with its unique features. 
The lateral areas of the system are closed with glass systems, allowing you to use the living areas for four seasons.

Glass Systems
Lateral Area Closure

Glass Systems

Provide both comfort and energy savings with glass systems of Sky Art, which creates a private living space for your family and guests for 4 seasons.
whether single or double-glazed options;
* Fixed Glass Ceiling Systems
* Movable Glass Ceiling Systems
* Winter Garden Systems
* SkyFold Folding Glass Systems
* SkySlide Sliding Glass Systems
* SkyFlex Guillotine Motorized Glass System

we work with world famous brands.

Architectural Solutions
3D Solutions

Architectural Solutions

We offer the most suitable options to our customers by creating 3D solutions in computer environment with our architects and designers in areas with broken structure and shading systems needs.
* Steel Construction Solutions
* Special Area and Narrow Area Closures

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As Sky Art Shading; We produce automatic pergolas, bioclimatic systems, automatic zip curtains and glass systems with a monthly production capacity of 6000 m2 and an expert staff in a closed area of 1500 m2 in Izmir/Bornova. We are a strong company that provides both project and assembly services to the whole world with its engineers, architects and expert staff in production.


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